At the core of our operations lies a close-knit and dedicated group of individuals who, together, bring a wealth of expertise, creativity, and passion to the table. We believe that great things happen when people with complementary skills, a shared vision, and a foundation of trust come together. Here are some of our key team members:

Emiel Putman

Started his career at Insight and Siemens, after which he founded his own company with a focus on Microsoft business applications, under his leadership Fellowmind grew in a time-span of 17 years to 2000+ employees across 6 countries.

Joost van Kessel

Began his career at ABN AMRO, until he founded Wave Corporate Finance in 2016. With his team of experts, he supports various clients, including a large number in the IT sector, with their exponential growth and strategic choices.

Danielle Schiphorst

Is a specialized psychologist focusing on work engagement, making significant contributions to addressing strategic leadership development inquiries through her extensive academic expertise and considerable practical experience.

Gert Jansen

Began at Volvo; and soon after, transitioned to join Fellowmind, overseeing marketing and communications. He gained valuable insights into positioning a company for future growth and rallying the entire organization towards that vision.

The way we like to work