We like to be different, to make a difference. Our approach is deeply rooted in a passion for growing businesses in the right way. We prioritize our mission of bringing compassion to the world first. We believe this is not just the most moral way to run a company, it’s also the most profitable.”

Lead with compassion for a promising future

We are a pragmatic and committed investor who does not shy away from a challenge. In fact, that is when we flourish.

We believe in giving people and teams freedom so they can take responsibility. Whether this means working together with entrepreneurs, management teams or our vast network of industry experts, we aim to be engaged partners every step of the way.

Our Approach


The establishment of Oak Tree Hill Capital is rooted in a remarkable fusion. Danielle Schiphorst, a psychologist specializing in work engagement, and Emiel Putman, a highly regarded entrepreneur, seemingly emerge from two disparate worlds. However, by combining their backgrounds and talents, they created a distinctive investment approach. It revolves around a shared aspiration for greater compassion in society, which forms the foundation for their investments, portfolio operating models, and leadership.

About Emiel

Emiel was invited to join Dutch Podcast ‘Doorzetters’ to share his entrepreneurial journey, passion and ambition with Oak Tree Hill.

The way we like to work

Nurturing sustainability with Heart and Empathy

As investment companies, we hold a special place in society. We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to embrace compassion and become catalysts for transformation. In doing so, we hope to inspire other organizations to follow. Our goal is to lead with compassion, transcending boundaries and igniting a compassionate movement that touches every aspect of our business and the world around us.


Portfolio platforms

Platform for Managed Secure Networks

We’re building a platform of experts in designing, delivering, and managing secure networks and (cloud)- infrastructure.

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