We operate based on three distinct investment models: pre-exit arrangements, 100% acquisitions, and growth capital. Each, crafted to support and enhance the vision of business owners navigating exits or seeking a strategic partner for future growth.


Partially cashing in on your success as an entrepreneur and continuing your business’ journey.

A partial sale, also known as a pre-exit, means selling your company in two stages. You partly cash in on your success as an entrepreneur, while pursuing a new growth perspective for your business as you continue entrepreneurship.

As an entrepreneur, you retain (partial) control over your own company. Additionally, by ‘cashing in,’ you secure a cash amount for personal use. Subsequently, should we collectively decide to eventually sell all shares, as an entrepreneur, you receive your share of the sale proceeds. The value of your stake in the company significantly increases upon success, a result of growth, shared knowledge, hands-on support, and our financing.

A pre-exit presents a fantastic opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to capitalize on a portion of your company’s value now, while we work together to achieve future growth ambitions.

100% acquisition

A wonderful opportunity ensuring to cash in on the value of your company an ensure the continuation of your legacy

A complete sale means selling your entire company. We refer to this as a 100% acquisition of your company’s shares, commonly known as an exit. Following the sale, you remain involved for a period to ensure a smooth transition. You capitalize on your success as an entrepreneur, transferring ownership of your company and ensuring its continuity.

We experienced multiple reasons for an exit, for example:

  • You lack employees and/or family members to involve or motivate within the company
  • You have a personal need to secure financial stability
  • You’re no longer able to drive and accelerate the company’s growth
  • You feel overwhelmed by the size and responsibilities of the organization
  • You struggle to identify and pursue new revenue streams effectively
  • You’re a builder seeking new adventures

An exit presents a wonderful opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to cash in on the value of your company now and enjoy your success while ensuring the continuity of your business.