With over 20 years of investment experience, we are passionate about building healthy and growing businesses, developing great places to work and engaging in meaningful dialogues with management teams.

Flourishing together

We are a pragmatic and committed investor who does not shy away from a challenge. In fact, that is when we flourish.

We believe in giving people and teams freedom, so they can take responsibility. Whether this means working together with entrepreneurs, management teams or our vast network of industry experts, we are your active partner every step of the way.

Rapidly growing companies and/or scaleup companies aiming for transformation.
Companies on the verge of significant changes.
Companies with international ambitions or positions.
Healthy profitable.

Emiel Putman
Managing Partner at Oak Tree Hill Capital

Supporting you in business

We actively work with our portfolio companies in their growth journey. We have gathered a vast amount of easy to usetemplates, best practice examples, experiences from the past and learnings of others ready for your disposal. Our team of experts work on a variety of topics that are on your priority list.

Bringing your company to the next level