iunxi, DataMobility, and Infield ICT are proud to announce today that they are joining forces with the strategic ambition of building a leading platform for ‘Managed Secure Networks’ together. This collaboration brings together three prominent organizations that are experts in designing, delivering, and managing secure networks and cloud infrastructure.

The new group now comprises over 60 experts in networking, connectivity, security, and both on-premise and cloud infrastructure, with a combined annual revenue of 15 million euros. Taimen Boumans, who was previously appointed as CEO of the new platform that iunxi joined last year, will shape the future ambitions in collaboration with the existing management teams.

Emiel Putman
Managing Partner at Oak Tree Hill Capital

Emiel Putman, Managing Partner at Oak Tree Hill Capital, concludes: “We believe that we are building a unique platform that places compassion at its core and focuses on a shared future. The strong market position and complementary competencies of each company provide a solid foundation for this collaboration. We are confident that this will result in an even stronger offering for our team, customers, and technology partners.”

Taimen Boumans, CEO of the platform, states: “With the ongoing advancements in digitalization and cloud technologies further accelerated by explosive data growth and AI, the expertise in designing and managing secure networks is becoming increasingly relevant, scarce, and complex. By integrating DataMobility and Infield ICT, we are now better positioned to fully support our clients internationally in the realm of ‘managed secure networks’.”

Maikel Palm, founder of DataMobility, adds: “By joining forces with iunxi and Infield ICT, we are bringing new knowledge and expertise to our team. This collaboration gives our customers access to a comprehensive portfolio of managed services in secure networks and cloud infrastructure.”

Martijn Stuart and Björn Bats, founders of Infield ICT, emphasize: “We are thrilled to enter into this new partnership as it enables us to leverage our expertise in cloud and hybrid infrastructure for a wider range of clients, thus opening up new career opportunities for our employees as well.”

Oak Tree Hill Capital received advisory support from Wave Corporate Finance, Spring Marketing Consulting, Treble, Van Oers Corporate Finance, and Ebbinge.